Offer letter for freelance worker

Letter of Offer letter Sample for Freelance Worker. This is a Offer letter for freelance worker.


Rajesh Krishna,
Freelance developer,
Mahesh Prasad,
Viroot compound,

Dear Mahesh Prasad,

This letter serves to confirm our offer of Freelance worker. This is Non-disclosure offer letter and please don’t share it to others. As per telephone conversations we Freelance Developer decided to offer you a freelance work for 2 months.
We welcome you and wish you a long and successful career with us. We are confident that your contribution will take us further in our journey towards becoming world leaders.
Position : Freelance Worker
Website promoter, Web designer, Data entry, PHP – MySQL programmer.
Job analysis:
We‘ll provide you some work and estimated time frame.
Benifits: (Learn and Earn)
Hope you will learn SEO (Search Engine Optimization), PHP , MySQL, Website development, etc.
Contract period:
2 months
We pay you Rs. 25000 /- per month and each month end you will receive check or Net transfer.
Work duration:
Minimum 5 Hours per day (Weekly 1 day you can take leave)
What we expect from you:
1) Quality work : Enjoy the work, Follow time frame, and Fast is fine but accuracy is everything.
2) Send reports daily before 9 PM.
3) A online conversation or Telephonic conversation at least once in a day.
To accept this unique job offer please reply to this mail if you  Thank you.

Accept Job Offer:

I am agree to all your terms and conditions. By signing and dating this letter below, I, I Mr./ Mrs. ________________________,  accept this job offer of Freelance developer.

Full Name: _____________________

Email ID: ______________________

Contact No.: ________________________

Work Start date (DD-MM-YYYY): __________________________

Payee name: ______________________________________

Bank account number: ______________________________

Bank name : ________________________________________

IFSC or NEFT code: __________________________________


Cheque in the name of : _________________________________

(Please attach resume to this mail)
Decline Job Offer:
By signing and dating this letter below, I, Mr./MRs _________________ , decline this job offer of Freelance Worker.Signature:_________________________________ Date:_____________